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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Positive Leadership: ‘Rules’ for Being a Champion

Firstly, let us explain what we mean by being a champion. We do not mean winning a race or a tournament. There is so much more to being a champion than just winning. Before you can win you already have to be a champion in how you practice, train, conduct yourself and how you behave. If you do these things properly (the process) then you'll achieve your goals (the outcome.

You can only control what you do; not what anybody else does.

Rule #1: Champions Choose to Work Hard
This is very true for all walks of life and not just in a sporting context. You only get out of something what you put into it! After all, 'practice makes permanent'. You can't expect to improve and achieve your goals/dreams if you don't work hard at it.

Rule #2: Champions Practice Intelligently
Putting lots of hard work into mindless practice sessions with no feedback is as useful (if not more destructive) than doing no practice. Length of sessions is crucial, doing shorter practice sessions with total focus followed by breaks between changing activity is more productive than just going at it 100% for hour upon hour. Good practice needs continual feedback.

Rule #3: Champions Live in the Present but Have a Clear Picture of the Future
It is important to stay in the present when it comes to winning. Not to dwell on the past or dream of the future but to have a clear focus of what you are doing right now and not let any failures or setbacks affect the long term goal. To know what you need to do at the current time you must have a clear picture of what you are trying to achieve and what it will look like when you have achieved it.

Rule # 4: Champions Always Want to Learn
The most successful people are eager to learn as much as possible, before deciding what to use and what didn't work for them.

Rule #5: Champions Never Give Up
For a new skill to become automatic it takes quite a great deal of practice and dedication. If something doesn't work first time doesn't mean it won't with practice.

Rule #6: Champions "Just Do It"
If not now, when? How many times have you said to yourself, "I'd love to be able to....." and then done nothing about it? If you have a goal to achieve go about achieving it! Don't just sit around talking about doing it, actually go and do it.

Rule #7: Champions Enlist Help
Champions aren't afraid to ask for help (have a coach) to make them better at something.


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