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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Positive Leadership: Reducing the Cost of Workplace Stress

Stress at work is a major issue. Brain cells "talk to each other" by means of chemical messengers. When a person is exposed to too much stress, chemical communication in the brain begins to fail. When these messengers fail, a person suffers from sleep disturbance, aches and pains, depression and anxiety. Mental illness costs UK employers an estimated £26bn a year.

One way of helping to deal with stress is to consider magnotherapy as a way of helping to improve sleep patterns.

What is magnotherapy?

Human bodies are electromagnetic in nature and this fact is closely allied to the chemical balance of the body which can be in either a healthy or an unhealthy state.

It is now known scientifically that a healthy body contains fluids that are slightly alkaline and that an unhealthy body is acidic. A poor diet can make the body acidic and in this state all sorts of diseases will thrive. It is also known that at damaged sites in the body, exists a positive electrical charge which affects both the chemical balance and the electrical balance in the area, resulting in pain. In order to effect healing, the body’s own systems send a negative electrical charge to the area. This healing action of the body is easily restricted by poor diet, lifestyle, alcohol, drugs etc. There is also considerable evidence of something called “Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome” being a major contributor to restricting the body’s ability to respond to illness.

It is now firmly established that a negative magnetic field, provided by a geomagnetic north pole magnetic field (the same as the Earth’s North Pole), is the most natural way of providing much needed support for the body’s own immune system.

Negative magnetic fields oxygenate and alkalise by aiding the body’s defences and helping to relieve pain. Further, they combat inflammation and infection and enhance deep restorative sleep. This latter point is extremely important. 

In order to combat maladies that result from the stress of our current lifestyles, the correct amount of good quality sleep is essential. 

Combine this with the possibility of at least reducing the amount of powerful drugs taken and what results is a completely natural complementary therapy. Given the correct choice and placement of magnetic device, this is probably the most effective alternative therapy available. Magnet therapy can be applied by you whenever and wherever needed. Modern materials technology has produced small powerful inexpensive magnets which can be used anywhere on the body and can be moved about to find the best positions.

For further information on magnets which might help you alleviate the symptoms of stress, please go to www.bioflowsport.com

The magnets developed by Bioflow use a strong, multi-directional force of magnetism called ‘Central Reverse Polarity’ also referred to as ‘CRP’, to mimic the expensive professional equipment used by physiotherapists. Molecules that exit a CRP field are more efficient than those produced by standard magnets. This technology is patented to Bioflow and no similar method exists. Bioflow bracelets and wristbands contain only the highest quality neodymium magnets - the strongest type of permanent magnet known. Bioflow products are also credited as a Class 1 medical device in the United Kingdom.


Positive Leadership: Masters of the Universe

It isn't easy being an alpha male. Getting to the top and staying there takes a physical toll.

The latest evidence comes from wild baboons in Kenya's Amboseli basin. Researchers from Princeton and Duke universities studied 125 males in five groups over nine years and found that while the alpha males got the best food and the most mates, they experienced far more stress than the beta males just beneath them in the hierarchy, based on the levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, in fecal samples.

The beta males had almost as many mates and got just as much grooming from others, but they didn't have to spend as much time fighting or following females around to keep other males away.

"Being an alpha is exhausting. I'd rather be a beta," says Laurence Gesquiere, lead author of the study that appeared in the journal Science in July. 

In the work world, alpha males are ambitious, assertive, confident and competitive. Here's a quiz that helps define who's an alpha male:

Alpha Strengths
1. No matter what, I don't give up until I reach my end goal.
2. I always say exactly what I think.
3. I have no problem challenging people.
4. I make the decision I believe is correct, even when I know other people don't agree.
5. I seldom have any doubts about my ability to deliver.

Alpha Risks
6. I believe that my value is defined by the results I achieve.
7. I don't care if my actions hurt people's feelings, if that's what's required to produce results.
8. When people disagree with me, I often treat it as a challenge or an affront.
9. If I have a good idea and I'm asked to hold off and listen to inferior ideas, I can quickly become visibly annoyed.
10. People say I become curt, brusque, or frustrated when I have to repeat myself.

If all or nearly all of your responses to statements 1 to 5 were "yes," you are probably an alpha with many of the strengths that make alphas such dynamic and influential leaders.
If all or nearly all of your responses to items 6 to 10 were "yes," you mostly likely have some alpha risks that deserve your attention.
Don't be confused if you scored high in both categories. Because alpha liabilities are mainly alpha assets taken too far or applied inappropriately, that is to be expected. (The exceptions to the rule are healthy alphas who have worked hard to reduce their negative tendencies.)

Source: Kate Ludeman: Adapted from the 'Alpha Assessment' at www.WorthEthic.com