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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Communication is a Key Aspect of Leadership

"It all centres on effective communication. Leaders must understand their constituents and speak their language. People must truly believe leaders understand their needs and have their interests at heart. Leadership is a dialogue, not a monologue. To enlist support, leaders must have intimate knowledge of people's dreams, hopes, aspirations, visions, and values."


The Power of Motivation

The 'un-leader' of Wikipedia talks with On Leadership's Raju Narisetti about motivating volunteers, the feedback that was 'hard to hear' and why Wikipedia is 'fair and balanced:


Leading and Learning from a Crisis

When you find yourself having to navigate your way through a crisis, what can you do to come out on the other side stronger for the experience?

Every crisis involves risk. It is fraught with danger, but it is also an opportunity for tremendous learning and growth. Crisis is a time of testing, but it is also a time of renewal.

Many people, when faced with crisis, tell themselves that they have failed and convince themselves that there is no point in trying any longer. For example, if a young woman tries to become a professional writer and fails, it does not mean she is a failure as a person or that her life is a failure. It simply means that, at this particular time in her life, her attempts at writing for a living are not working out.

There are many other possible choices she can make, including trying again at some point in the future. She has not failed, and she does not have to give up her dream. But she does need to learn from the attempt and, perhaps, rethink her strategy. Is there another way she can go about it? Does she need more education? More experience? More exposure? Help promoting her work?

Failure is only failure if you let it cause you to quit. 

If you choose to let it help you, it is merely information you can learn from. It is in meeting crisis with determination that we measure up to life and its challenges. In so doing, we develop tenacity and great inner strength. 


The Contribution of Scouting to Leadership

These are interesting statistics:

In the USA, a Boy Scout today is: 

•    88 percent less likely to drop of out high school.
•    Twice as likely to be a supervisor and leader.
•    Four times more likely to be an FBI agent.
•    Three times more likely to be an astronaut.
•    Twice as likely to graduate as an officer from a national military academy.

At the heart of these ever-growing statistics resides a fundamental set of principles: Leadership, Character, Service, Environmental Stewardship, Achievement.