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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Why is Leadership so Important?

Understanding the importance of leadership is the key to your business success.

Leadership has so much influence in our lives because so often it determines whether we enjoy a particular experience. The US Army Leadership manual, FM 6-22, expresses the importance of leadership well:

'A leader is anyone who inspires and influences people to accomplish organisational goals; they motivate others to pursue actions, focus thinking, and shape decisions for the greater good of the organisation.'

Since we spend the majority of our day participating in some event influenced by a coach, teacher, or other leader, the person in charge has a significant impact on the experience. Consider any new activity or recall youth sports. The ability of the coach (leader) to inspire and motivate influences our interest and desire to stay involved.

When leaders are passionate and influence us in a positive way, we get excited and want to continue our involvement.

How important is leadership to you? Life is short -- why participate in an activity if we don't enjoy it, and if we participate, why not do so with all of our energy?

Leadership is about communicating and building teams so that everyone works together. The importance of leadership is a key ingredient to successful businesses and championship teams. Teams that have this synergy tend to be the ones on top.

Can you learn to lead?

The short answer is yes. It is hard work, but much easier if you are willing to set aside your ego, serve others, and strive to make your organisation a better place than when you arrived.

Find a good example; a coach, a teacher, or someone who made an impression on you as an effective great leader. Read everything you can about successful leaders with these key areas in mind and consider the following questions:


A leader is someone you trust and is knowledgeable, but not all knowing; speaks with purpose, but listens well; sets the example and lives the corporate values everyone is expected to follow.

Why do some people attract followers and others do not?

Can you learn to attract followers?


Teamwork establishes an environment that allows everyone to feel that they can be a part of something greater.

What is the importance of teamwork in your business?

Do you feel you are in an environment where you will be able to learn and grow?


Communication is about creating new or better awareness; achieving a common understanding.

What is the importance of communication in your business?

Does your team share the same values and support a common vision?

Leadership is a continual journey. When you understand the importance of leadership, you seek ways to improve and build teams who communicate well.

What is your definition of leadership?