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Consulting Services

Positive Leadership, the game plan for winning, is a dynamic strategy for advising leaders and developing the leadership skills of those charged with delivering success and improved performance, whether in business, education, sport or any other walk of life. Our mission is to help leaders excel under pressure.

Building on over 50 years of combined experience working with successful, growing organisations and developing individuals and teams with the capacity and desire to win, Positive Leadership offers an innovative, results based approach to strategy consulting and performance improvement which is founded on respected thinking and international best practice in the fields of business and elite sport.

Positive Leadership works with individuals and teams in organisations of all sizes and, with the support of key executive sponsors and our business partners, helps to transform the ambition and performance of its clients. We believe that leadership in any organisation is plural and is not the preserve of a few. Winning organisations are empowered organisations.

In today’s complex, challenging and competitive world, the ability to win (and by ‘winning’ we mean continuous performance improvement by individuals, teams and organisations, even when under pressure) is ever more prized. However, in order to succeed in such an environment, leaders within an organisation must know when and how to make winning decisions; be mentally tough; and possess the right mindset for handling pressure correctly. Positive Leadership helps leaders understand that ‘winning’ is a skill, which anyone can learn, practice and improve. As a result, learning to think like a winner can have a transformational impact on the performance of individuals of all ages; all skill levels and in all walks of life.

As an advisory led firm, Positive Leadership helps leaders solve critical strategic issues, accelerate growth and enhance the reputation of their organisation. We help our clients achieve immediate results through equipping the leaders of today and tomorrow with the skills and confidence necessary to be able to win consistently in a competitive environment.

Our consulting services are provided in the context of strongly held values and focus on the benefits of coaching and mentoring as key elements in delivering sustained performance improvement. We tailor our advice and support to the specific requirements of each client and our services are delivered by individuals who have a passion for sharing knowledge and facilitating high performance. We work closely with our clients, both in the UK and overseas, to ensure that our work is practically relevant and is achieving tangible results.