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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Presentation Advice

Presentations go wrong for numerous reasons, but the most common reason is poor preparation. 

Follow these two rules to make sure you're ready before you step up to the podium:

  1. Know your audience. Speeches are about the audience, not the presenter. Before you write anything down, be sure you know who you're addressing. The size, attitudes, and emotional state of your audience should affect the length, style, and content of your presentation.
  2. Tell them one thing. The sad truth is that audience members remember very little of what they hear. Keep it simple. Focus on one idea and eliminate everything that doesn't support that idea.


Think Like a Golfer

The amazing thing about golf is that at the end of the day golfers don't remember the poor shots they made. All they remember is their one great shot and this memory inspires them to come back again and again in an attempt to make another great shot. It’s no wonder that golf is so addicting.

Compare this thought process to how many of us approach work and life. Instead of focusing on the one good thing that happened to us each day we often think about the 100 things that went wrong. Instead of thinking about our successes we replay our failures over and over again in our mind. No wonder so many of us retreat from life and work instead of getting addicted to it.

The key is to think like a golfer and remember the one great conversation, the one energising meeting, the one act of kindness, the one meaningful accomplishment or the one special moment that made you smile, laugh and cheer.

No matter how difficult our days are, there’s always a positive moment we can choose to focus on. The key is to remember them, focus on them and get addicted to them. Let them inspire you to wake up and take on each day just as you would a golf course. You'll go through life learning from your mistakes but remembering and focusing on your successes.

Sure, there will be days that make you want to give up but the memory of your successes and positive experiences will motivate you to come back again and again. You'll forget the 100 things that went wrong and you'll remember the one thing that went right. You’ll get addicted to the moments that make life the greatest game in the universe and you’ll intoxicate yourself with positive energy, happiness, joy and success!