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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Positive Leadership: Are You Integrious?

Integrity does not have an officially recognised word to describe someone possessing this virtue.  

The Integrious Project is working to change that by re-introducing the word integrious into the English lexicon as the adjective of integrity. It’s time to start taking integrity personally. 

IN-TEG-RI-OUS: adj.: Having or characterised by integrity - as defined by The Integrious Project - http://www.integriousproject.com/

IN-TEG-RI-TY: noun: firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values - as defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.


Positive Leadership: Signs of Failing Leadership

Leadership is a process of earning trust and gaining influence while making positive change. This takes time and along the journey, you cannot become too busy and fail to monitor these vital signs for your leadership effectiveness. What fuels the success of a great leader can also work in reverse if you are running on empty.

Here are ten vital signs of prospective failure which every leader should monitor:

1.            Authenticity. When the leader fails to be honest, they are hurting their credibility. When others do not believe you, then your influence is weak. Be real, be honest and see your influence rise.
2.            Vision. At the moment the path is unclear, the leader needs to step away, retreat, and regain a clear focus for the journey ahead. You cannot lead without clear vision.
3.            Passion. If you do not believe in the cause or purpose then why should anyone follow you? Your example of commitment will drive forward the vision.
4.            Stewardship. The job of a leader is to respect the resources entrusted to them and be a good caretaker. If you are wasteful and not maximising resources (time, people and money) you will soon be bankrupt in your leadership.
5.            Innovation. Leaders must be thinkers that ask: how can we be better? Running behind in making a good thing better leaves you playing catch-up and that could be too late.
6.            Communication. Are you keeping people in the dark? If someone is coming to you asking what’s going on, then you have a communication problem. Keep people informed so they can appropriately support the vision.
7.            Personal Development. How are you leading you? How’s the balance in your life? If the personal growth and personal leadership development is lacking then know your endurance tank is running low. You cannot give what you do not have.
8.            Role Models. If you think you have figured it all out, that should be your major warning sign of trouble ahead. Have people around you that you are accountable to and learn from their example.
9.            Discipline to focus. The greatest battle is to focus on what’s most important as a leader. If you fail to set the priorities for your organisation then you are driving in reverse.
10.          Appreciation. Stop caring and watch people start leaving. You know you are not appreciating others when you stop listening! If you fail to appreciate those on your team and those that support your cause, then you will quickly see your influence decrease.