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Saturday, April 10, 2010

One Shining Moment

People have been wondering who sang One Shining Moment at the end of the 2010 NCAA Division I Basketball Championship Game. The honour went to Grammy award winner Jennifer Hudson.

Hudson, who is the first female to sing the song, joins an impressive cast of past singers who have recorded the song, including Luther Vandross and Teddy Pendergrass.

“This is the biggest honour to be the first woman to record ‘One Shining Moment,’” Hudson said in a statement. “I am so excited to be singing such a great song behind the likes of Luther Vandross and Teddy Pendergrass. The song inspires you. It moves you. It motivates you and helps you reach that goal and that dream.”

One Shining Moment is an inspirational song written by David Barrett about the Men’s College Basketball Championship (at the end of the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament). One Shining Moment is traditionally played at the end of CBS Sports’ coverage of the championship game of the tournament. The song is played as the winning team’s players cut down the nets, to a montage of highlights from the tournament.

Barrett, a singer/songwriter from Michigan, wrote the song after seeing Larry Bird star for Indiana State in the 1979 NCAA tournament. In 1986, he passed the song along to high school friend Armen Keteyian, an investigative journalist for CBS Sports and, at that time, Sports Illustrated, who in turn passed it to CBS Sports Creative Director Doug Towey. However, Towey originally planned to debut the song not after a basketball game, but after a football game, Super Bowl XXI. It was to have been the postgame montage from that contest, but CBS ran past the expected airtime and had a primetime show to debut in the next time slot, so the montage was cancelled. CBS then asked Barrett for use of the song after the 1987 NCAA championship game, in which Indiana beat Syracuse. Towey decided to use "One Shining Moment" to close CBS' coverage of the Tournament. The positive public response led to it becoming an annual feature. It has been used to end CBS' coverage ever since.

The first verse is about inspiration and hard work. The second verse deals with adversity, accompanied by highlights of injured players and missed shots. The bridge includes lines such as "Feel the beat of your heart", often shown with players thumping their chests, and "Feel the wind in your face", with video of drives towards the basket.

Listen to Jennifer Hudson’s One Shining Moment rendition below:


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