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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Positive Leadership: The Scottish Independence Referendum - #NoThanks #indyref

Now is not the time for Scotland to sleepwalk into 300 years of separation, isolation, idealism and insecurity.

Instead now is the time for realism; the time to build on a Union of over 300 years; the time to ensure Scotland punches above its weight in the global political and economic landscape of the 21st century.

This is the unique opportunity afforded Scots by voting No in next week’s independence referendum.

Instead of adopting the negative underdog mantle, where everything is someone else’s fault and where we relish in glorious failure, now is the time to exert our confidence as a proud and responsible people within the framework of a Union that, albeit not perfect, has nevertheless served us well through thick and thin.

Nationalists have a convenient way of inventing history to argue for separation and isolation. However, Scots can come together next week as a proud people, supremely confident in our role within the UK and within the wider global economy and build a robust future together with our friends south of the border and beyond.

In an ever more competitive and dangerous world, now is the time to secure our friends and allies, whether they are in Westminster, Brussels or Washington. It is not the time to isolate ourselves within the rUK, Europe, the Commonwealth and internationally.

The spirited idealism and tribalism of the Scottish nationalists is founded on quick sand. It is nationalism flawed and defenseless in its lack of detail and in its enormous risks. Who really wants to become the next Spain, with youth unemployment of over 54% – and that’s without the sun.

Voting No to an ill-conceived and not even negotiated separation from the UK is the only sensible course of action for those not blinded by the emotion and unsubstantiated claims of the nationalists.

We are already a proud, confident and successful nation within the Union; a Union that is built on common decency, trust and integrity and guarded by a monarch descended from a Union of two Crowns.

We do not need a badly conceived strategy of separation to reinforce the success of Scots through the ages.

Instead, we can secure a safe, inclusive and prosperous long-term future for a self-confident Scotland by voting No in next week’s referendum.


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